Neptune Bungalows

Neptune Adventure Bungalow Resort and Tours in Ta Tai

neptune adventure resort in tataiNeptune kayaking, jungle tours and boat trips in Ta Tai  in the Cardamom Mountains Koh Kong Cambodia.

bungalow resortNeptune adventure Resort on the river in Ta Tai, about 20 km from the city of Koh Kong. The individual stylish wooden bungalows with thatched roofs are located in the jungle near the river with plenty of space in between.

The Neptune Resort on the River is an ideal starting point for excursions. Trips by boat to the waterfall and into the mangrove forests can be booked with Thomas.

On a sunshiny day feel free to go paddling on the river with a kayak and go swimming. The kayaks are provided by Thomas complimentary.

Thomas from Neptune Bungalows Resort and Adventure Tours on the river in the Cardamom Mountains Ta Tai has brought many jungle plants with lots of love and joy to bloom.


neptune-tatai-river-viewThe self-planted trees and shrubs in Neptune Resort grow and prosper in this great neighborhood and are a sight to see. With all the beautiful flowers, banana and pineapple plants, passion fruit and coconut trees it seems like being in paradise.

Create your own choice of food menu, depending what the market in Koh Kong will offer.

Prices in Neptune Adventure Resort Ta Tai 2014

A bungalow costs from $ 35 per night for 2 people, depending bungalow, including breakfast with free fruit and drinking water.

neptune bungalowround bungalow on stilts







For more than 2 people a surcharge of $ 10 per additional person up to 4 people is taken.

bungalow resort in tatai, koh kong, cambodiaThomas will pick you from Koh Kong or the border crossing by car. From the bridge in Ta Tai the boat only takes 10 minutes to the Neptune Bungalow Resort.

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