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Tatai in Cambodia, Hotels, Bungalows and Resorts.

Tatai Mountain biking. River Kayaking and Trekking Tours in the Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong in Cambodia.

tatai in koh kongTatai experience and enjoy! Why not take a day or more of your Cambodia holiday and spend it in the village on the river?

tatai in koh kong, cambodia.From the city Koh Kong to the river in Tatai with its waterfall it is 20 km. Take the highway with a motorcycle, Motorbike or Tuk Tuk taxi driver. Towards Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville to the first bridge

Tatai Waterfall by boat

by boat to the waterfallAt the bridge in the village are several long tail boats which offer tours to the Tatai waterfall. The waterfall is in the jungles of Cambodia from the Cardamom Mountains, at the edge of a beautiful spectacle of nature, and is ideal for swimming and relax.

Enjoy the boat ride on the River to the waterfall and the mangroves in a beautiful and unspoiled nature, in the jungles of Cambodia in the province of Koh Kong.

Accommodation in Tatai in the province of Koh Kong in Cambodia

For Tourists who want to stay in the wild nature and not in the city Koh Kong there are in Tatai for every taste and budget a place to stay.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge

4 rivers floating lodgeThe 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is located on the River, near the small village of Ta Tai, in Cambodia. From the Cambodian-Thai border to Tatai Village and 4 Rivers Floating Lodge boat dock it is 32 km.

From there it goes with the boat on the river for 4 Rivers Floating Lodge. This system is for those who love a well-filled purse in leisure travel and a bit of luxury.

Rainbow Lodge

rainbow lodgeThe Rainbow Lodge Tatai is in the middle price segment and is well suited for a quiet relaxing holiday.

Neptune Adventure Resort

neptune adventure tours

The Neptune Adventure Resort on the river is located in the lower price segment and is ideal for travelers who are a little adventurous suitable. Thomas of Neptune Adventure Resort is very familiar in the area.

Both facilities are right on the river and from the boat dock at the bridge in the village with a 20 minute boat ride to reach.

Tatai Hotel and Resort

resort hotel in koh kong cambodiaThe 5 stas Hotel and Resort was opened in December 2014. The complex is located right on the river and offers everything you need. From single rooms to luxury villas with all amenities.

info map Koh Kong District.

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